Week in Review #2

Personal Updates

It’s crazy to think that we've passed through half of January already. At the moment, I am still adapting to all my New Year's resolutions, but happy to say that I've been making progress on all of them. What about you? 

Slow and steady, but better than just have things inside your mind that don't necessarily evolve into action. Acting upon your dreams and resolutions is the only thing that matters. 


Like I mentioned in previous posts, the company still going through a lot of changes as we hit the "SaaS company Series C level with a 2nd professional CEO". It's fascinating to see things change and also interesting lessons for the future when I get back into the game of entrepreneurship as a founder. Politics matter.

Udemy Course

For those that don't know I am working on a "How to Move to Silicon Valley" course on Udemy. So far, without a course in place, I already got 10+ paid customers. That's a great indicator. If you would like to help, collaborate or participate in the course, please - get in touch! 


I've been single for about five years and have dated a lot of people from different age groups and backgrounds during this time. 

More and more I am getting to know amazing women over dinners, intimate gatherings, and sometimes tech Meetup events, rather than bars or online dating. Less quantity and way more quality. 

As a matter of fact, I have not used any online dating tool in the past nine months. Feels great. 

Five-minute Journal

So far I had about a 65% success rate on keeping a daily journal with my thoughts, things I am grateful for, and so on. This week my goal is only to allow myself to miss one day of journaling, instead of two. 

So far, the best part about journaling is how interesting it is: just go back and reflect on what you've written. 

You can buy yours here

No Social Media

I am still out of Facebook and Instagram (It's been a month and a half), but recently made a comeback to Twitter. 

I don't use it every day, nonetheless, it's still a great tool for business connections. Twitter matters for the people that matter to me. I lost over 700 USD on their stock and look forward to seeing them launching new products at some point. I zeroed my position and have no plans to buy their stock anytime soon.

Not wasting your time and energy with social media is very precious. It allows you to be more present and in general thoughts just flow much better. 

Exercise & Diet

I am 5 pounds fatter. That sucks, but it's the result of excessive eating and drinking during November and December. My goal for this week is to stop eating late at night and inside my bedroom, a horrible habit that I started years ago, but will quit, starting this week. 


I've had decent success with meditation since the beginning of the year. I've been meditating 3-4 times a week (for about 5-10 minutes), and HabitList (app) has been a kind companion on the accountability front. 


For those that don't know, I have a group of guy friends, and every 3 weeks we meet together at Banya in San Francisco. Where we catch up, share some of our problems, successes, and challenges. Banya is an amazing facility, which I highly recommend. This time I went fully naked for the first time and it felt very liberating. Just how I would do it in Brazil. ;)

This is a unisex sauna, by the way. 

Other Projects and Dream

I am also making progress on other new years resolutions. Unfortunately, if I shared them with you, I'd have to kill you ;) 

Book of the Week

Money: Master the Game 7 Steps to Financial Freedom, by Tony Robbins

After reading the new Tony Robbins book about Money, I recommend that you just listen to some of his recent YouTube interviews.

Don't waste your time with the actual writing, is pretty terrible. He is a fantastic oral motivator (either via audio or video) - but when it comes to writing, things are very poorly structured. Tony rocks, just find that his writing needs improvement from an editor.

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