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Listen to the 7th Episode of Papo do Condado Season 2

Papo do Condado

We are back with another great episode of Papo do Condado.

In this episode, we discussed abortion rights and individual liberties, after a leak suggests that the US Supreme Court may overturn a decision that made abortion legal in the US decades ago.

Here are some other topics in this episode:

  • The Russian invasion and the macroeconomic landscape;
  • Volatility and the impact in tech and crypto;
  • Repricing of early-stage startups.

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Chaos & Order


Professional investors get paid to think.

Keeping your cool when things are chaotic is paramount for high-quality returns.

Creativity is also a major factor.

This is why I like silence, isolation, and solitude on a frequent basis.

I also love meetings, being with people, and talking through the night.

Polarity is what builds the world in all aspects of life.

Love and hate, chaos and order, black and white.

Without contrast, there is no perception of reality in the matrix.

At the same time you have issues with supply chains, commodity hoarding that will likely starve 5% of the world, the end of globalization, and the destruction of the west, we are seeing a greater awareness for individual sovereignty, spiritual awakening, and long-term values that are frankly above the Judeo-Christian bedrock of lobby-backed democracies.

One step at a time, the light will shine at the end of Kali Yuga.

Onwards. Pacem.

When it is silent it speaks


Being still is best one can do for oneself.

In a world where most rather be stimulated or doped, stillness is a portal that connects you with the divine.

I don’t mean it in a “tree-hugging” kind of way.

Flow requires silence and often solitude.

You will not change the world consuming Instagram or reading Twitter.

It is far more likely that you’ll find all the solution to your pain if you isolate for a few days.

As you guard your system from any external forces, you will connect to the only source that truly matters.