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Hi, I'm Pedro Sorren. I'm a venture capitalist, author, and entrepreneur. My life's mission is to help founders and investors achieve greatness faster.

Hotel Staying During COVID

Personal Updates

At least in my network, I am traveling prolifically since COVID started. I have been to over 25 different cities, multiple states in the US and also spent 3.5 months in Brazil. Every place is different, with protocols that make little sense or vary in terms of logic.

It will take time. I saw the following statistic on the WSJ Real Estate newsletter and it was a stark reminder that although I have been traveling a lot, most people are still inside their homes for their own set of reasons.

$MAR stock is back at pre-pandemic levels, given we are vaccinating at a reasonable pace.

Like many, I can't wait for the "new normal".

Adding Paramahansa Yogananda to the list of authors for founders


A dear friend of mine gifted me Paramahansa Yogananda's most famous book, the Autobiography of a Yogi (thank you Bruno Cardoso!). I haven’t read it yet, but I started consuming Yogananda’s content in multiple formats.

Then, I found this tiny pocket book called the Law of Success. It is fantastic. I believe it is the best summarized version of all spiritual principles in a practical way, similar to how Matt Mochary does with his Great CEO from Within Book.

There is a free audio version. It is only 26 minutes long.

I hope you listen to it today.

While you are at it, please, ask Jerome Powell to not say incorrect things about crypto. All HODLrs would appreciate it.

For more walking meetings


As COVID gets better or people begin to lose the fear of it, a habit I wish continues to exist are walking meetings. They make everything better. I have been taking them for the past decade or so, that said (as someone that rather always meet in person or do a no video call) I never took so many, especially as 2021 started.

I was thinking… what makes walk in meetings better? I suspect someone had written about this.

Better than that, there is a 3 min TED talk with 3.4M views. Gotta love the internet.

Besides this TED Talk, I recommend you to read HBR: How to do walking meetings right.

Also, gotta walk more.  Miami in the winter (as same for SF for that matter) have great spots for walking.

After a weekend in Miami Beach, I'm spending my week by Brickell. Great place to go for a walk near the water.

Have a great Tuesday.