Money: Master the Game - 7 Simple Steps to Financial Freedom
Anthony Robbins

Money: Master the Game - 7 Simple Steps to Financial Freedom

In MONEY, Tony Robbins shares good financial advice through stories and reflections. Most of the advice is based on the work and teachings of John Bogle, Burton Malkiel, Warren Buffett, Ray Dalio, and David Swenson.


After reading the new Tony Robbins book about Money, I recommend you to just listen to some of his recent YouTube interviews instead. Don't waste your time with the actual writing. It's pretty terrible. He is a fantastic speaker, but the same can't be said of him as a writer. The book is poorly structured. Tony rocks, I just find that his writing needs improvement from an editor.

Favorite Quotes

“We all get what we tolerate. So stop tolerating excuses within yourself, limiting beliefs of the past, or half-assed or fearful states. Use your body as a tool to snap yourself into a place of sheer will, determination, and commitment. Face your challenges head on with the core belief that problems are just speed bumps on the road to your dreams. And from that place, when you take massive action—with an effective and proven strategy—you will rewrite your history.”
“We’re drowning in information, but we’re starving for wisdom.”
“Life isn’t about waiting for the storm to pass; it’s about learning to dance in the rain. It’s about removing the fear in this area of your life so you can focus on what matters most.”

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