Hi! I'm Pedro Sorren.

I am the founder of Atman.

Atman is a cross-border early-stage venture capital firm. We invest in the US as well as Latin America. We amplify inevitability with capital, specific knowledge, holistic experiences, and shared principles.

At Atman, we play long-term games with leverage for our founders and investors.

I had the privilege to start my career in Venture as an associate at FCVC. This remarkable firm seeded category-defining companies such as Coinbase, Instacart, Gitlab, Flexport, Shippo, Webflow, RapidAPI, Bigfinite, Aircall, and several others.

Later, I co-founded ONEVC, where I led investments in Rappi, Pipefy, Kovi, CodeCov, Immi, RocketChat, Maximus, EmCasa, HeyDoctor (acquired by $GDRX), and Apozy.

For a couple of years, I was also an advisor to Global Markets Fund, a YC-Themed fund on AngelList led by Brad Flora. We invested in several YC founders in non-US markets.

Before becoming a professional investor, I started two companies. The first was Recomind.net, which was acquired by Mosaico (Buscapé - BVMF: MOSI3). The second was Slumdog Productions, a profitable events company that connected startups and investors.

I was also was employee #11 at SendGrid, where we raised capital from great investors. The company went public and was acquired by Twilio for U$3B. We were Techstars's first IPO.

I have also made dozens of investments as an angel and am a limited partner in other VC firms.

I am a voracious reader, early-riser, and lover of life.

I tend to get along with the underdogs.

I enjoy spending time with people that want to build empires with a smile on their face.

I get along with people that want to be a relentless force of good in the world. Eagles.

I believe that having some chips on your shoulders will help bring chips into your pockets.

Life is better when you learn to surrender.

Always search for truth.

Do not fool yourself.

Find peace.


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