Personal Updates

I am back in San Francisco for the 5th time since leaving for Miami. This is an important week for Atman. We will have some public announcements about our first

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During the past 15 days, I have had many people around me contract COVID-19. Folks in multiple parts of the US, Europe, and Brazil.

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This morning I was reflecting that for me, in my perception of reality the pandemic has finally ended and we can finally move on.

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As we approach significant milestones at Atman, it is time to have an office again. We are all going to adapt to a hybrid way of doing things.

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April 5, 2021


The past couple of weeks have been pretty exhausting. I am still in the process of moving to the East Coast and it is taking far longer than what I would have h

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March 29, 2021

Welcome to my Library

I am a voracious reader. For me, it is extremely important to read at least for 45 minutes every day. The days I read are better than the ones I don't.

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