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I spent 3.5 months in Brazil during COVID. It felt great not to have as many restrictions as we have in California. That said, when you compared the freedom, one finds in Miami versus Brazil. Unfortunately, Brazil is still a very unorganized country. The devil is in the details.

The lockdown approach doesn't work when you compare the numbers in Florida versus California. Ultimately, what works is i) good hygiene ii) masking in public iii) rapid vaccination iv) don't do stupid shit and be a responsible human.

It is disappointing to have lockdowns as a last measure to control the virus in a pretty unsophisticated way. That said, it needs to be done, especially when vaccination isn't moving fast enough to control the spread. Given the pace of how things are going and how powerful the P1-Manaus variant is, a scenario in which the pandemic continues to rave in Brazil until the end of 2022 is not impossible. I hope that is not the case and wish better days for everyone in Brazil, so this nation that I love can also have an Israel-like moment. Let's vaccinate faster, please.

It is a beautiful miracle that we developed this vaccine at this pace. LFG, ASAP.

"In joined hands, there is still some token of hope. In the clinched fist, there's none."

— Victor Hugo

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