Letting go of the past and the future


The more you identify with your mind and your thoughts, the more you will suffer.

Suffering is the only path for progress. After a couple of difficult months and mental fogginess about my future (as I was too preoccupied and identified with my ego), I once more picked up the habit of daily meditation. It seems that this time it has stuck with me. I have been meditating twice a day for ~20-30 minutes in the morning and at night. Somedays I journal, some days I don't

Removing yourself from the idiotic rat race that our mind and ego keep on producing is a daily exercise. Problems will not go away until you die. The only alternative you have is how you deal with them.

Protecting yourself from your mind and ego is a daily endeavor. When you are not present, the voice of your thoughts comes in and dominates you. All you can do is identify it and let these thoughts go.

Reactive patterns of the mind give it more strength.

Once you can feel and understand what it is to be present, you get to move deeply into the present moment.

  • What if somebody was rude to you?
  • What if you are afraid to fail?
  • What if somebody didn’t respond to a message/email the way you expected?
  • What if you thought you had a friend, but all you have is a business partner?
  • What if you thought you met true love, but you were blinded by ego?
  • What if someone was disrespectful of you, your friends, and your family and you allowed that to happen?
  • What if you received feedback that was inappropriate and irrelevant?
  • What if you ended up in business with complicated people?
  • What if you hate your boss?
  • What if you are not proud of your family?

Do you think you will be happy once you “fix” all these issues?

No. You should find a way to be present and happy now.

Learn to respond to what happens in your life, instead of reacting to what is happening.

Otherwise, you might always try to get somewhere you are not.

Fulfillment is doesn’t lie around sex, food, and parties. It does not lie in acquiring more materials things. Fulfillment is inside of you. This power of infinitive creative potential is available to all of us. Stop fighting with life. Start experiencing life.

Your problems will never go away. Most life situations are full of challenges.

The only salvation is how you respond and deal with your problems.  

If you continue to listen to your mind, you will never be present.

Suggested Materials for mindfulness that have been very helpful to me

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