It's all about empathy


Long-term relationships are hard to find and maintain. You must care for it daily; otherwise, they get weaker and vanishes away. It requires constant fine-tuning and a lot of patience.

Pain is a necessary evil that can build us into men of character. You must grind wheat so it can become bread, you must mold and burn clay so it can fully materialize into a useful object. In partnerships — business or love — you have to be empathetic to the other person and listen to them when they try to communicate. Sometimes that exercise is painful at first, but you end up growing from that. Undoubtedly, one must suffer to understand what is essential.

It is important to have self-respect and not allow yourself to get pushed around. Preserve your values and integrity while earning mutual respect by having the right attitude towards adversity.

"Our chief task in life is simply this – to identify and separate matters so that I can say clearly to myself which are externals (not under my control), and which have to do with the choices I control. Where do I find good and evil, then? Not in externals, but within myself from the choices that are my own."

— Epictetus

Show your partner kindness, irrespective if he/she meets your standards and principles. One must build long-term relationships on that. It is tough. If I am not treated how I think it is ideal, how am I supposed to give back love and respect? If I feel like I was excellent towards the other side and gave my best, but I don't receive it in equal terms, what should I do?  

Any long-term relationship is a self-transforming journey in which one might be able to discover the best another person can offer. Most importantly, it will provide you with the chance to connect with what you can extend the Universe.

The secret to a long-lasting partnership is to be comfortable with the worse part of the other person, while not allowing yourself to be pushed around by disrespect. It will always require mutual sacrifice. If sacrifices are not shared, then your relationship won't last.

If you can understand and have empathy with the other side, you will be able to grow, mature, and evolve, to ultimately build a true partnership.

It's all about empathy.

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