Do not throw pearls at the pigs

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Do not judge others, and you not be judged.

Trust heavenly father’s peace.

The evolution of one’s spirit is a task that happens individually.

Through consciousness, volition, and a true desire to make progress in life.

As you pursue your improvement quest, understand that before running, you must walk; before walking, you must crawl.

Never give up applying movement to the desires of self-realizing your true potential.

Do not waste what is holy in unholy people.

Don’t throw pearls at the pigs.

They will trample the pearls and then attack you.

Be your hero. Win against yourself so that you can win against anyone.

"Do not expend power prematurely. Wait in the calm strength of patience — he who is strong should guard it with tenderness. The main thing is to not expand one’s power prematurely in an attempt to obtain by force for which the time is not yet ripe."

— Bruce Lee, Striking Thoughts

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