The collapse of the American dream will prosper more Venture Capital and Crypto

Venture Capital
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“China is never going to be a global model. Western system is really broken in some fundamental ways, but the Chinese system is not going to work either. It is a deeply unfair and immoral system where everything can be taken away from anyone in a split second.” — Francis Fukuyama

The most powerful force that made America prosper is wealth creation. 

In the US, this has been a rule via home-equity and ownership, under affordable capital, effectively giving leverage to any average family in America at some point in their lives. 

Everyone blessed enough to live in the US will own a home at some point...

Not anymore. 

The old way was simple: 

  1. The land was largely available and cheap to build;
  2. Suburbs are a logical and efficient algorithm to build a family;
  3. Everyone under the “America Dream Algo” owns a car, home and will enjoy life under the conveniences of open malls — as they largely look the same across America;
  4. With capital leverage under the form of an affordable mortgage, you can raise your family at peace with a good balance between order and chaos; 
  5. You die. Your children are in a better place because of your hard work;

After most parents in the US perish, they would leave at a minimum a home worth ~500K to its children, effectively bringing total prosperity to the next generation. 

After February 28th (D-Day for the Russian invasion), globalism has lost. 

Instead of the US dollar, we now have a trifecta of capital forces. 

The libertarian in me still needs to use “USD/Woke Capital” to live life, but most of my future is stored in startup investing, alternative financing and crypto.

We are (unfortunately) just getting started.

I am immensely grateful to be on the side of history well-positioned for economic, spiritual, and intellectual prosperity.

Unfortunately, with inflation at this level, we will see more misery, hunger, and poverty in the years to come.

Bitcoin solves that. Venture Capital solves that, but it will take time as things collapse faster than our ability to build new systems.

More than ever, it is time to partner with inevitable people.

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