"Work Work Work Work Work" in Venture

Venture Capital

For the past two weeks, I've been failing on most of my latest attempts to be hyper-productive. I've written about how time management is climacteric for excellence at this job.

At FundersClub, we add a lot of software to make our lives better as investors and entrepreneurs. That said, the process is feeling more broken than ever for myself. For the past 2 weeks or so I haven't been as productive as I can be. I'm missing some much-needed flow to my workflow.

I am getting things done, but still feeling like I am leaving a lot on the table and I am unsure why. Maybe it's FOMO; maybe it's a function of the insane amount of messages I get every day asking for random favors (most of which I'm happy to help with), or just how challenging and competitive it is to "make it" in Venture in Silicon Valley.

I need a vacation. I got my request approved by my manager, but I'm not sure if the timing is correct. I will decide in the next few days if I'm spending my birthday in São Paulo or in San Francisco.

Venture is making me a better man, friend, and person and I feel immense gratitude for where I am in my life geographically, professionally, and at the personal level.

I am having a hard time keeping up with my own hunger.

It's a good struggle.

Somedays you are just punched in the face with the titanic amount of work that one must do to #win.

Damn, I love being a venture guy.

— I'm still in beta, btw.

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