The Last Stoic Capital Essay

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I’m building something new.

I will no longer send emails via the Stoic Capital brand or this Substack account.

Every past essay I sent on Substack was added to the Archive here. If you missed one, you can check it out there.

If you are a subscriber and a part of our community (thank you to all 12,000 of you, btw!) you will be automatically redirected to my new newsletter, which will be published daily as a blog on

I will continue to write about spirituality, the holistic aspects of being a founder, stoicism, and everything related to startups, venture capital, stocks, crypto, Silicon Valley, Latam, and now, most likely… Miami (more on that front soon).

If any of my writings impacted you, share them with others. Let’s spread the word of love, empathy, and peace.

I never expected that the pursuit of virtue, stoicism, and philosophy would take such a deep, important part of my life.

I usually write on an empty stomach, between 4-7 AM, drinking extra cold water with lime, 2-4 espressos, some classical music (and, sometimes, some metal or 528HZ playlists).

The process of writing releases all the negative energy in my body.

It helps me organize my thoughts. It gives me fortitude for my day. It makes life better.

I never thought my private diary / spiritual pursuit of virtue would inspire over 10,000 investors, founders, and tech people in general.

Thank you. We will continue. Just now with a more personalized approach.


Life is suffering. Life is permanent change. Our true and only freedom is how we respond to what happens to us.

Seeing so many of you have the courage and determination to persevere, irrespective of circumstances is amazing.

I appreciate all of you that wrote back.

For those that are not aware, I have left ONEVC, the VC firm I started and led for the last 3.5 years.

My departure was done in peaceful terms and, for the deals and funds I am in, I continue to have aligned interests.

I wish all the best to my former partners at ONEVC.

More to come, soon.

It’s Moksha time.

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