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The average American has over ten paid content subscriptions. I suspect the total bill for such variety is at the same level as what basic-cable looked like in the '80s. I wonder if such deep fragmentation will last.

It will only get worse with $SPOT and their exclusive podcast strategy.

I spend around US$200+ a month on content. Mostly books, Audible and paid newsletters, or research services. I do not have a $NFLX account nor any paid streaming service. I am an $AMZN Prime member but have not used the Prime Video app in the last 18 months.

I bought my first modern television in 2020. I have never been a big fan of TV, let alone shows or movies. Given my behavior type, every time I would find a show that I liked, I would stop everything and indulge in binging until I was "done" with it. Not healthy or very productive for my mind.

The average American streams 8 hours of content daily. No wonder this nation is getting obese and making less progress towards a better society. Pretty hard to change the world from your couch.

I much prefer reading books, exercising, golfing or being out with friends. I consume A LOT of Youtube, Audible, and Podcasts. Mainly on the go and in many niche topics that go from Ford Bronco until how to properly clean a freshly caught fish. I love to learn and consider Youtube is the most helpful app on my phone, followed by Twitter.

I was surprised that the average millennial pays for so many subscriptions. If I had to guess, my number would have been 5-7, not 17.

Fascinating to see the amount of time the ubiquity of Bluetooth headsets released in our lives. That is for sure a tailwind.

We are just getting started with this trend. Apple, as always, on the vanguard of it.

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