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I am pleased to announce my next company, Atman Capital.

Atman is an egregore of the most successful founders in tech, operating as a collective with full alignment from day-1.

We are symbiotic founders, playing long-term games with leverage.

We amplify inevitability with capital, specific knowledge, shared principles, and skin in the game.

Our strategy is simple, from inception until liquidity, the best investments happen when entrepreneurs invest in entrepreneurs they admire, share values and principles with.

Via our VC fund and other initiatives, our investors and founding partners satisfy their appetite for exposure to secular technology investment opportunities with our product.

As a collective, we share economics, reputation, and values in a holistic manner.

We exist to amplify the vision of our founders.

Atman Cap exists to fuel inevitability. We associate with outsiders, well-mannered misfits, obsessed crusaders, all equally relentless on their quest to change the world.

We are pleased to have received an overwhelming amount of support from the community at large, both in terms of capital and trust.

In the meantime, if you are interested in learning more, please, email me or go to

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