Sleeping is the best productivity trick


I was hospitalized due to an overload of work.

Bad habits made it happen. Drinking >12 coffees a day with little sleep with bad eating habits helped. Furthermore, the stress of putting your life-savings in your new venture made me stressed.

I can’t remember the last time I took time off in my life.

I always used to take a few calls while on vacation. Or skip some group activity to do emails while consuming news and social media. Sad.

I’ve been sleep deprived for a long time.

Because of Eight Mattress, I now track my sleep activity. During most of 2017, I averaged 5–6 hours a night. Not sleeping enough was killing me and my ability to get things done.

Instead of waking up at 4:30 AM, I’m back at waking up by 6:30–7 AM but sleeping 7–8 hours a night.

Major difference. I’m calmer, less anxious and now drink less coffee.

Our time on earth is short but you have to sleep. (duh)

Be wise with your choices and love yourself.

Sleep more and have less, but better waking hours.

I need to develop bedtime rituals and routines as well.

For most of the last 5 years, I’ve been passing out on my daytime clothes. Collapsing after reading or working until I can’t keep my eyes open, or not caring in case I have company. Who needs PJs after sex anyway?

No more! Organizing those 20 minutes of pre-bedtime is crucial.

Melatonin side-note: after increasing my daily sleeping hours, I stopped consuming melatonin. I was taking a 2.5mg dose on a semi-daily basis. Can’t remember the last time I took it.

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