You are responsible for the evolution of your soul

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“Insult me no with your cries of sympathy

When I soar

To the land of eternal light and love

It is I who should feel for you

For me, disease, shattering of bones

Sorrow, excruciating heartaches no more

I dream joy, I glide in joy, I breathe in joy evermore"

— Man’s Ethernal Quest - Paramahansa Yogananda

Once you realize that you should ease into death you will capture your divine ability to bring deep transformation into your daily life.

The profound realization that life is eternal should eradicate all fears in your life.

We all have the capability to control our destiny. We are the only ones responsible for the betterment of our journey and evolution.

When was the last time you paid attention to your daily habits? All the tools necessary for you to serve others and yourself are at your disposal today.

Have focus, determination and through practice and effort attain absolute connection with your soul.

The dynamo of life can be shaped by your will-power.

Concentrate and build your future.

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