Onwards to progress


Often times we ought to push harder. I love that quote:

"Happiness is on the other side of fear."

I believe that happiness is also on the other side of suffering. Valid for the big and small things. Through prayer, meditation, or stillness — whatever works for you — we are capable of finding peace and love.

Know that you are never alone, that there is a way to connect with a world greater than us, but that it oftentimes it must come through suffering. True salvation only comes from serving others and being excellent with each other, without expecting anything in return. True love is about that, you love but don’t expect to be loved back.

  • Work will help you evolve
  • Work will give you tranquility
  • Work will stir up energy and is required to push through
  • Work will help you fly like an eagle

If things are difficult, do not give up. Persevere. Stop microdosing on dopamine. Turn off social media, turn off sugar, turn off the noise. The light will come. Do not complain. Stay quiet. Help is coming by unknown means. Continue to pursue the path of love and execution of work. Don’t give up. You are closer than you think.

Work to deserve the light.

Be humble, without being servile.

Happiness without exaggeration.

Generosity without wastefulness.

Peace without laziness.

Shine and fly free towards the path you deserve and worked for.

Let go of what isn’t working anymore. Onwards to progress.

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