How to respond to ultra-defensive people


Often you will find yourself in a relationship with someone that is led by raw egotistical behavior will rapidly take the low road of any intellectual conversation, to the point you can experience public self-destruction amongst peers.

Inevitably, someone will attack you in life. Most likely, if you are in a different echelon of the dominance hierarchy, but have the same profession. It might sometimes come hidden in humor, explicitly demonstrated in public or private aggression.  

Envy is a behavior that we have all experienced but are afraid to admit.

Understand that some of these actions might be unconscious from the other side.

People will be rude towards you, and most aspects of life are unfair.

Having lived in this world for over 30 years, I do not believe situations like this will go away.

You can always replace relationships, change jobs, move countries, but it is in human nature to act this way.

Reacting with anger is a clear exemplification of bad judgment. Being frustrated with others will only destroy you.

You do possess the only real invocation of freedom: how you respond when another person is rudely unfair.

Connecting with your dark side and understanding the depth of what you are capable of should provide you inner peace and tranquility to move forward. If you are capable of causing considerable destruction but find a way to subdue that anger, you will live longer, with a better immune system and proper longevity.

"I don't think that you have any insight whatsoever into your capacity for good until you have some well-developed insight into your capacity for evil."

― Jordan B. Peterson

When someone is writing towards you with anger or unnecessary preoccupation, instead of fueling their energy with more violence, let them scream. Let it be. Let the other side slowly feed on oblivion and calmly observe the self-destruction.

You can immediately disarm vicious, irrational aggressiveness when you respond with rational, cold sobriety.

In life, you must earn a calm mind. It doesn't come naturally. Train through meditation, prayer, and exercise.

The best way you can change this behavior in others is by being an example of excellence yourself.

Be one.

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