Emotional tranquility or absolute rupture


To understand victory, one must have tasted defeat. To understand love, you must understand hate or loneliness.

Moderation and flexibility are key aspects of what it takes to be successful.

We must be water and flow. It requires sacrifice.

You are the only person capable of bringing tranquility and inner peace to yourself. It is not your mother, girlfriend, partners, or friends. It comes from within.

For some, it comes during meditation, praying, etc - they are all similar. A moment in which you breathe in stillness and remain present.

I am grateful for knowing what I want out of life.

I will do everything I can to build the most successful VC firm I can think of. Create a solid culture of meritocracy and hire best-in-class people.

On the personal side, I will get married, have a family, and live a joyful life, on terms and conditions that are a healthy intersection of my principles and the principles of my significant other.

Money is important. It buys you time and flexibility to live life on your terms.

Family is the most important legacy since most of us won’t be remembered three generations from now.

It only took me a decade to get to this realization. I will achieve this or I will die trying.

One of the most profound realizations of my life was coming out of depression, losing the fear of death.

In any relationship when you give, you must get. Otherwise, there is an imbalance of emotions and things might rupture sooner or later.

This goes on being capable of disagreeing but committing. Jeff Bezos said it well in this shareholder letter.

It applies to personal and professional relationships.

It is about saying yes to the simplest things. You don't question much since there is a deeper layer of trust between different parties.

Earn trust through unquestionable action.

This point is valid for a partner that wants to invest in a company that he/she has high conviction.

This is valid if you want your significant other to be next to you at an event or alongside a special moment.

Long-lasting emotional tranquility requires the ability to disagree and commit with velocity.

If you are not willing to sacrifice and partially embrace a plan that isn’t 100% yours, you will die alone.

Simple yes’s can go a long way. Otherwise, there will be an absolute rupture.

Disagree but commit to those that matter to you, before it's too late and they leave your life.

In the end, when you flow like water nothing can stop or break you. Emotional tranquility is about being formless.

If you are not going after your life plan, why will others cooperate?

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