Chaos & Order


Professional investors get paid to think.

Keeping your cool when things are chaotic is paramount for high-quality returns.

Creativity is also a major factor.

This is why I like silence, isolation, and solitude on a frequent basis.

I also love meetings, being with people, and talking through the night.

Polarity is what builds the world in all aspects of life.

Love and hate, chaos and order, black and white.

Without contrast, there is no perception of reality in the matrix.

At the same time you have issues with supply chains, commodity hoarding that will likely starve 5% of the world, the end of globalization, and the destruction of the west, we are seeing a greater awareness for individual sovereignty, spiritual awakening, and long-term values that are frankly above the Judeo-Christian bedrock of lobby-backed democracies.

One step at a time, the light will shine at the end of Kali Yuga.

Onwards. Pacem.

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