A week in Miami - Let me know if you are around

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I am in Miami until Sunday to figure out if I am going to build my next company from here, while keeping spaces in San Francisco and São Paulo for the team.

Our new investment firm, Atman, will continue to be a connection between Silicon Valley and Latin America. We are just working on a fairly different offering for Limited Partners and Founders which will be shared at the right time.

The energy I feel in Miami is different. It is better, more mature and less papi-chulo goes crazy on a Lambo vibe. Change is coming to this region of the world and there is a special opportunity to be a part of it.

Of course it isn’t Silicon Valley. That said, that Silicon Valley we knew from 2012-2020 is gone anyway. A new one will emerge. California is not dead and I love that state.

Without a lot of effort I managed to pack a positive agenda with wonderful people, founders and investors. It reminds be of SF right when Ed Lee changed the tax structure to bring $TWTR downtown.

Naturally, after 18 months of COVID there is enthusiasm behind sunshine, freedom and fantastic weather.

Miami might be the next California.

Ps - As os this writing I did not spot any human feces, needles and homeless camps on the streets. That feels nice.

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