Launching my second podcast - Papo do Condado

Papo do Condado
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The positive aspect of the pandemic is that it completely re-aligned how people do business and interact with each other.

I’m excited to announce that I have been recording a second podcast for the past two months, aside from Inevitable.

Feels good to have some of my content in Portuguese.

We follow the All-In Podcast format but are focused on the Brazilian tech, policy, and startup market. We call it Papo do Condado, as the financial district of Brazil is known by its insiders as “The Shire”.

Nothing like soft-pretentiousness straight from a Patagucci vest wrapped in an airpod case.

Just kidding.

I’m fortunate to have some of the smartest friends in the industry alongside me. People with fresh opinions such as Gustavo Brigatto, Bruno Ferrari and Felipe Lamounier.

We keep it honest, fun and exciting.

Here is our 7th Episode. I hope you enjoy it!

Should you have any feedback, please, holler.

You can subscribe to it on all major platforms.

Thank you!

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