Week in Review #3

Personal Updates

I have been failing miserably at having the discipline to send the weekly reviews. So this is another attempt to recreate this habit. Thank you for paying attention and, as always, please reply with interesting insights that you might have. 

Swift Classes

Some of you may know that I made the decision to learn how to code and ship a very simple meditation-related app before Q3 starts. I've been taking classes twice a week at General Assembly here in San Francisco. 

GA is not a great school. I think my teacher is a great coder, but terrible at teaching. I'd rather have someone that is not a genius engineer but is good with people. The online tutorials combined with the super helpful TAs are a good combo and since it's not a cheap course it gives the necessary discipline to get things done. 

Udemy Course 

I am very excited about this side project. Lately, I've been collaborating with Reinaldo Normand, one of my mentors and dear friend. We are doing an online video series about how to move to Silicon Valley as a foreigner. There will be a free, beginners guide and a paid exclusive course for the most advanced folks out there.

If you are a student, entrepreneur, or want to come as an executive, fill this survey out. The reception on this has been tremendous and just with the idea we have over 65 students interested in doing the course. 


During the past 2 weeks, Uno has not seen any progress. In between work and side projects + GreenCard, it just did not become a priority.


I gained some weight this past couple of weeks. Not a lot, but it sucks. This week I am back at eating better and exercising. I have already separated my gym clothes for the entire week and after this email will cook most of my meals. 


Last week I was a keynote at WMD.co. It was the first time I did public speaking for over 400 people in Silicon Valley at a premier conference, and I am happy to say that my slides are the top 5 most accessed after the conference. You can check them out here. Here you can watch it:

Have a wonderful week. Meditate, hug people and follow your dreams.

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