Venture Capitalists are salespeople and they only sell 3 products

Venture Capital
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As a Venture Capitalist, you must be able to do what I call the triple sell.

1. Selling you and the firm

You and your firm are the ones capable of making a meaningful difference to the founders and their quest.

We invest in relentless founders that would get to their goals regardless.

All that VCs do is help amazing people get to the promised land faster.

2. Selling the company

At ONEVC, we work hard to be the first check from Silicon Valley in your seed round. In Venture conviction is king.

If we decide to partner, I want you at my funeral. I want to promote your product, vision, and progress.

Confidence without attitude also helps you recruit the best talent to your portfolio companies.

A seed investor has two paramount responsibilities: help recruit high-end, affordable talent and assist in follow-on financing.

3. Selling returns

We are a financial product. Limited Partners trust us with their capital so we can — at least — return 3x their capital in ~10 years.

At the end of the day, you are a financial product. Never forget that.

Do these 3 things right every day and you might win in Venture Capital.

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