Peace is often better than instant happiness

"To Flow Like Water - The method for health promotion is based on water, as flowing water never grows stale. The idea is not to overdevelop or to overexert, but to normalize the function of the body."

— Bruce Lee, Striking Thoughts

It is time to eliminate the abundance of your life and find peace.

Start with your physical objects.

Then, eliminate excessive information, sugar, drugs, stimulants, and people.

Fast from excess.

Fast from being programmed by society.

Fast from back-to-back meetings.

Humans were not programmed to be machines.

We are godly-creative systems that only function with proper rest.

The better you learn how to function and flow in modern society, the healthier you will become.

Be still and breathe. Do nothing for a full hour.

You will connect to God, the simulation, Infinite Intelligence, etc. — they are all the same.

Through elimination, systemic selection, and proper stillness, you can soak up the entire universe in one breath.

Instead of instant happiness, search for peace.

Happiness fades rapidly. Peace can be permanent.

The busier you are, the more you must stop and slow down, to properly build the path you are supposed to materialize.

Nobody can be more authentic than you being the fullest version of yourself.

Work on yourself. Make daily progress. Then you earn the right to help others.

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