Meaningful coincidences and Sympatheia

“‎With each experience, we grow and become more aware of the inner beauty that lies within us. Ultimately, we are truly our own leaders. We lead the connection and flow of life that is our inheritance.”

― Rabbi Yossi

Finding peace can only happen when you focus inside. When you have love within your body, mind, and soul and learn how to respond to what happens to you, without reacting — all leadership starts from within and expands from there. Once you are able to expand your leadership and settle your heart and mind at peace, you are ready to connect with other soulmates. They can be significant others, business partners, and friends.

The concept of soulmates is real and prevalent in the Universe. Timing is paramount, as we encounter certain people in our lives at the right time and place. There are no casualties. Jung’s synchronicity theory highlights it in a clear manner.

Several events and encounters in your life can be tagged as "meaningful coincidences”. Events that happen with no casualty but end up being meaningfully related.

The encounter of two different reincarnated souls always has a reason to exist, usually materializing itself through tests, suffering, and painful experiences. The people you end up meeting in your life are there for a reason and the timing of when they enter and depart your life is intimately related to your pace of evolution. Deep down, if you stop to ponder and reflect you already know what you should and should not have done.

Meaningful coincidences are a great way to exercise our ability to let go of what does not work, while embracing the new, in an ever-evolving spacetime continuum.

When I partner with a founder, most of the negotiation that comes along is related to economics and governance. What if you had to write the perfect term sheet for your life? What types of provisions would you have there? Everything I do as an investor has a long-term horizon attached to it as I firmly believe in the Stoic concept of Sympatheia, which is “affinity of parts to the organic whole, mutual interdependence.” — after all, the name of my firm is ONEVC. We are all made for each other.

"Accordingly among animals devoid of reason we find swarms of bees, and herds of cattle, and the nurture of young birds, and in a manner, loves; for even in animals there are souls, and that power which brings them together is seen to exert itself in the superior degree, and in such a way as never has been observed in plants nor in stones nor in trees. But in rational animals there are political communities and friendships, and families and meetings of people; and in wars, treaties and armistices. But in the things which are still superior, even though they are separated from one another, unity in a manner exists, as in the stars. Thus the ascent to the higher degree is able to produce a sympathy even in things which are separated."

― Marcus Aurelius, Meditations, Book IX

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