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In this episode l have a chat with Dr. Cameron Sepah. Cam is not an ordinary founder.

Cameron Sepah holds a B.A. in Cognitive Neuroscience from Harvard and a Ph.D. in Clinical Psychology from UCLA. He's a Clinical Professor at UCSF, where he trains psychiatrists to treat patients with ACT, an evidence-based therapy. Also, he's an executive psychologist, and he coaches CEOs and VCs to change behaviors and optimize health and performance.

Besides, he popularized dopamine fasting, has helped start 3 startups and was a Venture Capital Investor at Trinity Venture and Magi Ventures. Today, Cameron is an Advisor to 8VC.

Recently, Cam founded Maximus, a consumer health company that provides men with content, community, and clinical support to optimize them in mind and body. Maximus has raised $5M from Silicon Valley investors, such as Founders Fund and 8VC as well as leading angel investors and operators from Bulletproof, Tinder, Coinbase, Daily Stoic, and Shopify. I also led an investment in Maximus when I was at my previous firm.

In my conversation with Cameron we discussed his experience studying Cognitive Neuroscience at Harvard, his career before founding Maximus, his company and more.

Here are some questions I asked Cameron during our conversation: 

  • What made you choose Cognitive Neuroscience at Harvard? Were you interested in human behavior growing up?
  • You went from being a scientist to start working in technology. When was the moment it clicked and you felt that moving to San Francisco would be interesting to pursue your career?
  • What were some of the most interesting or important experiences, now that you are building Maximus, that you took from that hyper growth through Omada?
  • There are minorities that wouldn't understand what Maximus, Atman or this sort of companies and venture do. We can't say that we are going to solve all the problems in the world. How will people be able to understand what these companies do?
  • After leaving Omada you started a company in the keto nutrition space before founding Maximus. However, you sold it. How was your experience with that?
  • While you were talking I was thinking what's going to happen when we have kids. How are we going to raise them in the correct way? What do you think about this?
  • Was there a moment in your life when you realized that you needed to make Maximus your mission?
  • If you want to become a customer or learn more about the community what is the Maximus protocol? What does Maximus provide to men?
  • What's next for the company and when will it  be publicly available?

You can listen to this podcast on Youtube, Spotify, and other podcast apps.

I hope you like this episode!

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