Judgement versus Discernment

“I am Word through my intention to allow my emotional response and my feeling self to begin to align to the possibility of change. And I require my feeling self to work with me in alignment with the achievement of my resolution to incarnate as my Christed Self. I become aware of myself in response to the physical exchanges and experiences and I understand that my feelings, up til now, have been programmed to produce certain effects.

As I align now to the higher frequency, I give permission to these feelings to change and to self-regard in such a way that I may know that I am in choice and have my choice of how I respond to external exchanges and experiences. I doing this, I give myself permission to align my frequency on a feelings and emotional level to the Christed form that I am undertaking to inhabit. I am Word though this intention to realize my feeling self as Word. Word I am Word though this intention. Word I am Word.”

— Paul Selig, I Am the Word, Recognition

Every time you judge you do it because you have fear in your heart.

Judgement fuels itself from fear.

Understand that when you conquer awareness you develop discernment.

Discernment is what puts you in a higher frequency.

Judgment precludes you towards your ascension.

You are your ruler. Move forward, in control.

Make progress through the alchemical process of the transformation you decided to engage in, called reincarnation.




Forgive yourself for all the trespasses.

Do not cling.

You are worthy of the best behavior toward yourself.

That includes who you spend time with and how you treat yourself.

Stop the lunacy in your head.

Practice Discernment versus Judgement.

You are the Word of God.

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