Happy Valentine's Day


In Brazil, the date is celebrated in June. That said, as someone that has been living in the US for the past decade, for me, today is Valentine’s Day.

I know the date is just a forcing function of capitalism. On this particular Valentine’s I have a great reason to celebrate.

In the past months, I have been in a relationship with a fantastic woman that makes me a better man every day. Someone that is special and has changed my perspective on what matters in life. A woman that made me a healthier, more spiritual man.

I am a better man, leader, and investor because of her.

In love, you must be able to call each other best friends, before you are truly in love.

In my job, I ponder daily about long-term partnerships with founders, investors my partners, etc.

Few things are as important as the person you choose to be your significant other.

More than a startup or your VC fund, the very first legacy you will build as a man (or woman) is your relationship with your loved one, followed by family.

Be honest with yourself. It is very likely that in three to four generations from now you and I will be forgotten.

Even if you are a successful CEO or VC, nobody cares.

You were born alone and you will die alone.

The bacteria that will eat your rotten flash will not care about who you were, how much money you made and the deals you have closed.

In life, you must prioritize what is important. Remember that we are all humans that deserve empathy.

Functional long-term partnerships do not settle.

In love or business, one should always be improving and learning. You must wake up, ready to serve one another. Carry that cross.

You truly win when you are the best version of yourself on your worse days.

When you say no to sugar on that day you are stressed. When you hit the gym instead of eating pizza and watching $NFLX.

Love is when you have had a wonderful day at work, but before you even share the news you ask the other person: tell me about your day first.

One of my favorite moments with my girlfriend is not going to a fancy trip or nice restaurant.

I love having a slow morning, away from it all, just sipping warm coffee and eating fresh Papaya.

This week one of the CEOs that we work with gave us explicit feedback: we think the work ONEVC does is magnificent.

That said, it would be great to be friends and hang out, not make the entirety of our relationship business-like. Life is too short and we work too damn hard.

I was pleased to hear that because at ONEVC we want to be your first phone call in your worse possible moment. We have a lot to learn as a partnership…

Life is too short not to partner with special people, in business, and in your private life.

True love is about loving and not caring if you are not loved back.

It is not unconditional love. That is weak.

True love is visceral, built on a feeling of compassion that is hard to explain.

Happy dealmaking. Happy Partnerships. Happy Valentines.

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