Express your joy

“The most beautiful moments in life are moments when you are expressing your joy, not when you are seeking it.”

— Sadhguru

Any transition in life fluctuates between joy (or love) and fear. The moment that you can silence your mind and let the spirit speak, you raise your vibrational awareness and truly ponder what is important. The result often is that you must peacefully express your joy into the universe.

The majority of all pain we suffer in this life is self-inflicted. Directly or indirectly.

Instead of searching for meaning in external circumstances, such as a type of body, house or job, or achievements, when you express your joy, joy comes back to you immediately.

How can you express your joy? You can hold the elevator for someone, genuinely be happy for a friend you love, and even raise millions of dollars for your entrepreneurial quest. The small and big things in life are about expressing your joy.

The infinite mind is unaware of any of your limitations, mostly caused by your domestication. The power of our consciousness is limitless if we know how to use it.

Take time to be by yourself, preferably in nature, and do nothing. Just sit and look at the trees. See what comes back to you. You will likely return recharged, ready to express your joy.

Frequently, you need to breathe. Evolve inside. Then, proceed.

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