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The holiday season is one of my favorites as it brings everything out. 

A time to reflect upon your year, do deep work, catch up on sleep, exercise more, and see family and friends — technically what we should frequently be doing but aren’t. 

This past year was intense. I worked beyond what I thought was humanly possible, exercised more than the past year, made new investments, made new mistakes, got distracted, got focused again, failed and succeeded multiple times, got closer to God, all of it while deciding to break up a long-term relationship. —  I learned how to become a better person. 

The most important conclusion of the year: respond to life; don’t react to life. 

The combination of the voice inside our heads (we all have it), alongside social media, makes the holiday season a clear realization of the unnecessary exaggeration that happens inside our heads when we are not present. 

I am learning how to remove myself from a presumptuous flywheel. A dangerous combination of determination, aggressiveness, and egotism. 

Another important realization is that the voice is not you, because you can hear it. Acknowledge it and move on to the present moment. Understand that it might be your id, ego, or superego talking to you. 

The holiday season is a perfect time to give, donate, and perform charity work. If you are a reader of this newsletter, I’m confident you already have plenty in your life. You can afford to donate to someone in need. 

I have been self-centered for most of my journey, unfortunately. It was the first time I asked my parents not to give me any gifts and use the money we would spend on each other towards our favorite charity organization. That felt great. I don’t think I’ll ever get a Xmas present again. Idem for my birthday. I already have plenty. 

The most profound and simple message for the holiday season is a message of love. A desire to live a healthy and balanced life, where salvation only exists when you serve others without expecting anything in return. 

True love is also about that, give your best and expect nothing in return*.

The absolute best message about the holidays is a message of love. Take the time to call, message, and interact with everyone that matters to you. If they don’t pick up, leave them a message. 

Whoever is capable of loving others, does not get sick. Practicing good and practicing charity is life. Be kind. Help and serve. If you can’t help others, you cannot help yourself.

We are all going to die pretty soon. 

In our death bed, we won’t be able to take unicorns, millions of dollars, or any material wealth to the other side. 

Frankly, all I want for Christmas is inner peace and presence. This is why Christmas should happen daily. 

Fight the reality that is yours. Your life is you living your life. Your life is you reading this text. You are breathing the air, feeling what you are feeling. 

Multiples energy waves are around us. Breathe and feel that you are on the right path. 

Respond to life. Don’t react to life. 

The “I” living inside will never be content. Nobody will ever be completely rid of problems. Don’t react; respond. Achieve peace because the energy of Christmas is available to all of us, daily. 

For me, Christmas happens every day. 

*For personal and professional relationships, I don’t think I have evolved to the degree that this is true ad infinitum. As much as I have a give-first mentality, I don’t think I can continue to apply energy and effort towards something that won’t evolve. I don’t hold past resentment, but just like water, your life path ought to go where there is less resistance. That is just a natural flow; it doesn’t mean you love a bit less. You get smarter about where it is worthwhile to put effort and where things should unfold naturally. 

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