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I have been self-quarantining for the past 10 days as I have presented all COVID-19 symptoms. After complicated days at home, feeling extreme tiredness, fatigue, loss of taste, irregular sleep, and annoying dry cough, I come on the other side grateful for being alive and not having to go to the hospital for a respirator. Unfortunately, there is not a way to get tested in San Francisco, unless you are in an age range that can actually die from the disease.

Multiple people close to me also presented symptoms and some have tested positive for COVID-19. In the past 2 days, I started feeling much better, but unclear if I caught a nasty cold or if I actually have the virus, since I cannot get tested. I will be fine.

Why is this happening? Why there is so much pain in today's world?

This is a necessary slowdown coming from the spiritual world. We need to create more love, empathy, and care for one another. Eternal economical growth is not the answer, love and empathy are. We are receiving an important message about reprioritizing what is important in life.

As I completely isolated myself in the past week, I came into multiple realizations about what it means to be a Stoic and the importance of calmness and leadership in times like this. Understand that now is the time to respond correctly, be kind to your neighbor, help the ones in need and interact with others preserving the golden rule. Be calm and breathe as this too shall pass.

If you are a reader to this blog I suspect you understand how important it is to be a calm leader right now and help people around you. We will get out of this crisis in much better shape than before.

Do your part. Protect your family and serve others with good judgment, kindness, and respect. Don't panic shop, panic trade, and continue with your normal affairs as much as possible, while practicing social distancing.

The pandemic is transformational, as it brings perspective. It will take several months, if not years, to properly unpack it.

We will prevail. Onwards, with peace.

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