Control and connect to your dark side


Every human is capable of killing, causing violence and gore.

One should live in a controlled pendulum swing between an empathetic person and a dark beast.

Understand when to activate each part, while not harming others unless your freedom is at risk.

Have the guns — load up.

Have moral, social, financial, and literal guns.

Understand that the best part of having dark-side resources is never to use them in the first place.

“The supreme art of war is to subdue the enemy without fighting.”

― Sun Tzu, The Art of War

When you conquer yourself, you become invincible. Burn off any karma.

Become an apprentice, act with first principles and understand that some wars are won daily, with compounding progress.

If you make 1% progress at every single battle, that is a 37x improvement year over year.

Demonstrate to the world that you have tranquility with death, combined with a deep connection to your inner purpose.

Follow your obsession. Listen to your authentic self.

Nobody will ever be better than you at being yourself.

Be impeccable towards others, with love, leadership, and empathy — but let the world aware that if they choose to attack you, you will have no problem being the leading cause of their obituary.

Elevate their doubt and insecurity about not knowing what you are capable of, so a surprise element is in place.

For good to beat evil, it needs to understand what is evil and subdue it.

Awake your purple flame.

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