The Spirits' Book
Allan Kardec

The Spirits' Book

Allan Kardec's supreme handbook about the world of the spirits and the movement of Spiritism is a valuable and insightful guide to existences beyond our corporeal realm. The book is arranged so as to pose a series of questions, which the author then answers. This format is retained for the entirety of the work, with a total of over one thousand questions regarding spirits answered. The reader will emerge knowledgeable and poised to begin their own investigations into the spiritual realms beyond our own.


To know how The Spirits' Book influenced my thinking, read "Inner peace for your spirit", "On Serving Others", and "On ego and how to subdue it".

Favorite Quotes

“In order to cooperate in the material worlds as agents of a divine power, the spirits temporarily have a material body. By the work required in their corporeal lives, the spirits improve their intelligence and, by observing God's law, they acquire the merits which will lead them to eternal happiness.”
“God leaves to our conscience the choice of the road we decide to follow and the liberty of yielding to one or another of the opposing influences that act upon us.”
“If we had never seen fishes, we should be at a loss to understand how any living beings could exist In the sea.”

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