Levels of Energy
Frederick E. Dodson

Levels of Energy

This is a book on Spectral Consciousness, Reality Creation, Levels of Energy and Emotion and your Relationship to Infinity. It is dedicated to the Spiritual Development of mankind.Table of Contents:

  • 0 Your Relationship to Infinity
  • 1 Applications of the Scale
  • 2 The Levels of Energy in Detail
  • 3 Enlightenment
  • 4 Measuring Levels of Energy

The premise of this book is that there are clearly definable, perceivable and achievable qualities or "levels" of energy and that each level corresponds with specific physical, mental and emotional realities.


One of the great things was that it introduced the energetic scale and how to climb it. It also showed that a "negative" feeling can actually be a good sign depending on the circumstances. According to the scale, someone who is in acceptance that moves to anger is a decline, while someone from fear moving to anger is an incline. This book really makes you more aware of the "energy" around you from the type of content, music, food, and environment that you take in.

Favorite Quotes

“You can save an enormous amount of time and energy (which is then freed up for other things) by releasing the need for approval from others.”
“You experience the world not as it is, but as you are.”
“Life is a game that wants to be learned and played with skill.”

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