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As we get ready to launch Atman publicly, I'd like to take a moment to share what we believe makes an inevitable founder representing Atman's ethos. 

Atman exists to partner with Inevitable Founders. 

We are building a venture capital firm we wish existed for ourselves, morphing community, capital, and co-investments in a single platform that scales through trust. 

Here are the 10 Principles of Inevitable Founders. 

  1. Disciplined Self-Esteem. The founder must believe that they are capable of unlimited potential. An Inevitable founder does the right things with discipline, focus and consistency. They have found a personal flow and will have little flexibility in their game-time routine. It usually comes from having had at least one person (typically parents) who provided them with unconditional love, which outputs disciplined self-esteem.
  2. Relentlessness. The founder is unapologetic and deeply aware of what top-tier excellence requires. They work hard and think hustle porn is silly as extreme work ethics is homeostasis. The inevitable founder has pushed their limits to acute levels at least once. Focused and completely comfortable with their authentic self, one does not need to pressure an inevitable founder since they are willing to die in the pursuit of their quest.
  3. Surrender through adaptation. The founder is in-tune with the market, customers, and higher vibrational frequencies that openly point the right direction to proceed. They are formless, shameless, combining instinct with data-driven control. Embracing failure is a disease that outputs victimhood. Embracing rapid adaptation is the only cure to long-term mediocrity or failure. An inevitable founder tests, iterates, and listens. They are not afraid of change as there often is more than one way to achieve the organization's goals. By rapidly iterating and being self-aware, they touch truth. Every action becomes instinctive through an arsenal of calm, spontaneous responses.
  4. Authenticity & Rejection. The founder faces rejection with courage. They have learned that nobody will beat them at their own game as long as they know who they are and what they are supposed to build. They take feedback and advice from others but will ultimately look inside for major decision-making, often having a process to get there.
  5. Genuine Curiosity with First Principles. The founder solves problems ab initio. They are looking for answers without assumptions at the most basic levels. They shine a light at the core of problems versus tinkering with parameter fitting. They are aware that instinct and talent without technique will cause chaos.
  6. Absolute Integrity. The founder is intelligent and energetic, but above all else, has integrity—first, absolute integrity with themselves, then integrity with others. The inevitable integrity is absolute. They are the same person in solitude and in front of a crowd. They are polite. Their presence propels harmony, from the doorman to the chairman. They never disparage others or complain.
  7. Aspires sovereign freedom. The founder desires to make enough money to set their schedule daily. Freedom is far more important, especially for those already on track to solve the "money problem" in life.
  8. Long-term decision-making. The inevitable founder understands the concept of funeral alignment and has found comfort with their mortality. Their vision of legacy isn't to leave a name after they are dead but to make long-term decisions that will prove to be correct and timeless.
  9. Wellness/Spiritual practice & give back. The founder has a spiritual practice that involves going beyond cogito ergo sum. They know there is a greater force beyond our humanity and plan to connect to it while servicing fellow humans.
  10. Passes the funeral test. The founder isn't just competent in generating wealth through unstoppable volition. They are also enjoyable to spend time with and pass all beer/dinner tests. One is excited to spend social time with an inevitable founder. It should feel like a privilege, and once they perish, we shall be sad and respect the extraordinary life they lived on the earth plane.

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