On long-term wealth creation


Recently Naval Ravikant posted one of his best Tweetstorms.

The topic is how to become wealthy.

After my 27th birthday, I started seriously thinking about wealth creation. I've always been decent at managing my own money, but things deeply changed when I set targets and started getting more aggressive about this goal.

It became an important goal in my life since I realized I wanted to become an early-stage venture capitalist. It is well-known that one of the largest sources of happiness in life is that moment you know you'll never have to worry about paying a single bill. That, combined with a fit body and long-term trustworthy relationships is the source of all happiness.

I'm not there yet, but I have a clear plan on how to rise to this point.

His tweets made me reflect on how I’ve been living my life and what is about to come in the next chapter as I officially launch the VC firm I co-founded.

Quitting my job at FundersClub to start ONEVC made me willing to go through as many sacrifices as possible to achieve my dream. It re-wired my mindset to build something that could outlast me while producing significant wealth. It made me ready to endure pain.

I highly recommend you the entire thing out. Better, read The Almanack of Naval Ravikant, where all of his best tweets are compiled, not only from this specific tweetstorm. For you to get a taste of his wisdom, here are some of my favorites:

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