On Death

"All that has grown from the earth returns to the earth. That which is sprung from heavenly seed returns to the heavens. From the earth to the earth, from the heavens to the heavens: closely linked atoms dissolve and non-sentient elements disperse."

— Marcus Aurelius, Meditations, Book 7

The moment you wake up is when you lose the fear of death. That is the start of the rest of your life. Not being afraid to perish has been a beneficial skill in the past years.

It does not mean you don’t appreciate life; it just means that you are ready to go at any moment, knowing that when your time comes, you shall be prepared for it.

If you die today, would your transition in peace?

How do you deal with the death of loved ones?

Losing someone is not about you and your suffering. That is mind identification. See death as a mere transition to spirit, a way for one to go back to the Gods until it is time to return for another evolution.

The best way to deal with the death of others is to wish them a peaceful transition. The more you suffer once they are gone, the more mind identification there is with your condition, not theirs (as they are gone and also wishing you the best in spirit).

There is little room for light, once you think about yourself during any loss. Assassinate your old self and don’t search for praise or empathy of others.

"Everywhere and at all times it’s in your power to accept your present condition, to behave justly to others, to exert your skill upon your present thoughts, so nothing creeps in there without being well examined."

— Marcus Aurelius, Meditations, Book 7

I often think about the suspending disbelief I had ever since starting my venture capital fund. I will win or I will die trying. Whenever I  die, I will perish peacefully, knowing that I gave my best in the arena.

Live to subdue desires, serve others with grace and work on everlasting imperfections as a reincarnated soul that is here to learn and evolve.

"Consider yourself dead and to have completed your life up to now. Live the remaining time you are given according to nature."

— Marcus Aurelius, Meditations, Book 7

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