On Continuity


It is impossible to define yourself by your past. All you have available is in the present.

The inner voice of your mind will often try to remind yourself of precious moments, definitions, and stigmas.

Material possessions often bring memories that are better kept as essential lessons.

Embrace absolute minimalism.

Create constant Sunyata in your physical and mental life.

Creating emptiness is the first step towards the new skills you are bound to learn.

Free yourself from any mental model you might have. Forget that you should only be spending time with certain types of people, wearing certain types of clothes, and dressing in a specific way.

When you identify yourself as a person of “good taste” and hold on to that identification, you allow yourself to be miserable if things are not going a certain way.

You are rude or judgemental to others that don’t fit your mental model.

How did you permit that something so shallow as materials belongings come and affect your mood?

If you have a bad experience, will you allow something so small to make you angry?

Is your mood that easily manipulable?

Why even create long-term relationships with people that overvalue material possessions or certain types of experiences over life itself?

Jung defined this well. The invasion of the conscious by the unconscious archetype.

When we might find ourselves possessed by our anima, the unconscious rises, and we let the ego and our environment impede our judgment.

"A state of anima possession...must be prevented. The anima is thereby forced into the inner world, where she functions as the medium between the ego and the unconscious, as does the persona between the ego and the environment".

The good news is that your body and mind will receive low vibrational energy. You will feel that in the form of chest pain, headache, or general anxiety. Instead of trying to suppress it, acknowledge its existence, and then let it go.

Shine a light on all the darkness in your life and learn how to deal with cause and effect. Free yourself from useless mental dogma.

God gave you free will to go back into negative territory, return to old habits, and people that might feed your anima with confusing junk, ultimately creating a false sense of self and identification.

When you are present, you know what you should do.

The solution to all your problems lies inside yourself.

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