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On Monday we published the first episode of the Inevitable Podcast. You can watch it on YouTube or listen on Spotify, PocketCasts, and other apps.

Our first guest is Rafael Sanches. I've known him for about 7 years. We've met while he was running Allthecooks, which he bootstrapped, grew it to become the number #1 recipe app in the U.S., and sold it to Cookpad, the biggest recipe website in the world.

Today, he’s the founder of Anycart, an online grocery service that makes it easy and affordable for consumers in more than 3,400 cities in the U.S. to shop for groceries and cook the meals they love. Their investors include Menlo, Pear and Greycroft.

Rafael is a relentless inevitable founder, a phenomenal contrarian, and a brilliant product genius. And it's rare for me to use these adjectives to describe people. I hope you enjoy the incredible conversation we've had for this episode and learn from his beautiful and inspiring story.

In the episode, I asked him questions such as:

  • How was the transition from being a developer who was concerned with reducing server costs to becoming an entrepreneur who was enthusiastic about scaling a company?
  • 2 years after starting, Allthecooks had millions of users and was the most popular recipes app in the US. It was wildly successful, but I'm sure you're a much different entrepreneur today. What would you do differently if you were back then with the knowledge you have now?
  • How was the decision to sell Allthecooks to the biggest cooking recipes website in the world?
  • In your second company, you operated differently. You raised US$600k at the start and hired employees, for instance. How different was your mindset as a founder this second time?
  • How did you manage to sleep at night, raise your son and build a family in California amid this whole trajectory of building, selling, and pivoting companies?

I hope you like it!

Also, if you like watching clips from podcasts, subscribe to Inevitable Clips. I'll publish clips from the first episode over the next few days.

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