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In this episode, I had the honor of talking to Alexandre Liuzzi, Founder of Remessa Online. You can listen to it on YouTube, Spotify, and other podcast apps.

Remessa Online is a Brazilian company founded in 2016 to provide international payment and money transfer solutions through a cross-border infrastructure. In 5 years they went from a team of 3 to more than 200, acquired more than 350.000 customers, transacted more than R$11 billion, and did more than 527.000 thousand operations.

In this episode, we deep dive into Alexandre's background in Asset Management and Investment Banking, his lessons from founding a Venture Builder, and his decision to focus on Remessa.

In the episode, I asked him questions such as:

  • You spent years in the financial sector, working at Asset Management and Investment Banking at companies such as Santander and JPMorgan. How was transitioning from finance to tech?
  • While building Remessa, you also built MAR Ventures, a venture builder. How did you manage to balance the time and energy you allocated to both?
  • Since 2018, you have changed your habits, lost a lot of weight, and started to practice sports such as surfing and cycling to focus more on your health, and you lost a lot of weight. What sparked all these changes, and how was the process for you?

I hope you enjoy the episode as well.


ps: last week's episode with John Cowgill had many highlights, and you can watch them on the Inevitable Clips channel!

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