Funding founder inevitability

Venture Capital

Inevitability. One should only invest in inevitable founders. A good investment is the one that needs you the least but gets to the final destination faster once we partner.

People want to feel consequential, often making mistakes when it comes to investment decisions.

I have been guilty of only wanting to invest in companies that needed our help. This framework is wrong. Investing in inevitability is the best way to invest, so you get to take part in something bigger than you.

Great VCs understand that they don't have power; they have influence. In most cases, the final decision is up to the founders. There is no grandiose into being a Venture Capitalist. A lot of "VC mistery" is wrapped behind marketing and branding. The real players know that when they win, it means they got to participate in inevitability.

Our ability to make a difference for founders at ONEVC is proven with data and facts. But VCs don't build companies; founders build companies. We might influence the course of an organization, but decisions aren't absolute.

In the end, you must find and fund inevitability.

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