Early progress with intermittent fasting


Starting to do intermittent fasting has been one of the most impactful habits of my life.

I have always been overweight. The negative impact of this situation has been constant for the past 15 years of my life. I’m not fat but have carried a little gut for the past 15 years or so.

Love handles, powered by 25% body fat.

To this day I’m embarrassed to take my shirt at the beach/pool and, sometimes, during sex. I’m tired of this feeling and am acting on changing bad habits, daily.

Being in optimal, strong shape is vital for success.

Fasting made me realized that my relationship with food has been wrong my entire life. I’ve been looking for emotional comfort in food since, well ever.

Measuring my weight for the past five years was helpful. It made me realize how much time I wasted not loving myself enough.

We can only improve what we measure.

For me, being overweight is an output of emotional stress. It’s rare to see fat billionaires, and there is an apparent reason for that.

"Mens Sana In Corpore Sano"

In the past ten years, I tried several diets. Nothing has been more enlightening and efficient than fasting.

I follow the 16:8 pattern.

I slowly ramped it up, though. With daily increments of 30 minutes for the fasting window, in clear 1% better everyday fashion.

In a world of abundant, affordable food, if you can’t train yourself to fast for a few hours, how can you accomplish anything meaningful?

A fit body is a significant achievement. You can’t buy fitness.

Like any path in life, it is about your ability to endure pain while you push yourself to the limit.

Legacy is built daily, and it starts with your body.

Any definite improvement in life should always start with yourself.

We are born alone. We die alone.

Every day my mind is getting stronger, but my body is healthier and fitter.

I’m ready to win, and fasting is a big part of that.

Cheers to 180 pounds by Xmas.

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