Connecting to your dark side


Everyone that has built something meaningful must have gotten in touch with “the dark side”.

I woke up thinking about it and how it probably impulsed many to win. From business people to pro-athletes.

It is a combination of being present with the reassurance that you are on the right path of greatness. A mix between fear and courage, in which you smell the battlefield blood. The battlefield can be the gym, office, or anything actually.

The journey of building a VC firm, when you are the only full-time partner is lonely in many ways.

I meditated for about 10 minutes, trying to get my mind at ease, given the size and variety of the to-do list I have to tackle this Monday.

I had moderate success.

We are born alone and we die alone. Nonetheless, the importance of enjoying the journey is paramount for tranquility and happiness.

It is never about the end goal. During a positive conversation with one of our partners, he told me about the importance of enjoying the journey and all the challenging moments we had and will have.

As Freud said, we must subdue our impetuous desires and get things done, because well, it is another beautiful Monday.

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