1% Better Manifesto


The 1% better manifesto is a list of principles, beliefs, and thoughts for people that believe in constant improvement, spiritual harmony, being resourceful to the next person, and want to change through positive habit creation.

  • Deus Sive Natura. Nature is god and god is nature. We are all connected to each other. (Spinoza)
  • Your mind and your body are the exact same thing. The state of your body shapes your mind.
  • There's more of you inside yourself. Explore that every day by doing one thing that feels uncomfortable
  • Make mistakes as quickly as you can. Don't be a "what if kind" of person since success might be on the next corner
  • You are what you think. Keep a positive mind and use as many positive triggers as you can find in order to prevent negative thoughts
  • All the answers are inside yourself. Be proactive and don't complain about where your life is right now. Own your destiny and change things 
  •  Fear is the only enemy worth fighting for.
  • The present is the most important moment of all. Your decisions today determine your past and your future. Think before you act and be present 
  • Go after solutions with an empty mind. Do a daily search for your personal Sunyata. At least 5 minutes every day.
  • Have your actions represent your words instead of the other way around
  • See what has been built under a rational perception. Then go crazy on new stuff
  • Don't be afraid of living life by your own principles 
  • There is not a separation between pleasure and work. Try to mix both in something called life.
  • Stay committed to your goals. Revise them every now and then.
  • Make lists. Create projects. Commit to actionable small goals and reward yourself once you've achieved them. 
  • Less is more. 
  • Principles such as ethics, character and good moral will always bring back good things
  • Help people without expecting anything in return 
  • Kick mediocrity in the ass. Become an ever-evolving ecosystem with no comfort zone.
  • Respect other people and take care of your relationships with them. Love is extremely important. You won't change the world by yourself
  • Always take the minimal desirable approach and execute even if it's an extremely small step. Procrastination is something dangerous
  • Feed your projects with purpose and idealism, not revenue and shareholder value. They will come naturally
  • It's ok to be sleep deprived sometimes if you stayed up doing something interesting 
  • Know exactly what you don't want in your life. Then, all the rest can be faced as another learning experience
  • Find different mentors for different moments in your life and help them help you and remember that mentorship is a two-way street
  • Listen more and talk less
  • As Thomas Edison once said: "geniuses are 1% inspiration and 99% transpiration".
  • Idea-only individuals are dead. Either you learn how to execute or they'll eat you alive.
  • Perfection is a mandatory never achievable goal.
  • Become status-quo destroyer.
  • Be a well-mannered misfit
  • Add more value than what you can capture
  • Believe in small well-disciplined changes for habit creation
  • Be 1% better every day

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