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Welcome everyone to the Inevitable Podcast. In this episode I talked with AnthonyEigier.

For those who don't know, Tony is the founder and CEO of NeuralMed, a healthtech startup which uses proprietary AI algorithms integrated into the workflow ofhealth professionals, delivering accuracy and productivity gains.

Before launching NeuralMed, Tony cofounded TreeLabs, the second startup accelarator inBrazil. After that he founded Fanatee a casual gaming startup, which he left in order to take a leadership position into the family business but still remainas an investor. In 2018 Tony again took the entrepreneurial path and cofounded NeuralMed.

I am a proud angel investor at the first round of financing for NeuralMed.

He had amazing personal and professional experiences as an entrepreneur and business leader and is here today to share some of these learnings with us.

Here are some of the questions that I asked Tony:

-      How was your college experience inthe US?

-      You mentioned that you even received an offer from a bulge bracket bank in the USA, which you further declined. Why did you make that decision?

-      What made you come back and start your career in Brazil after that?

-      10 years ago you co-founded TreeLabs, the second startup accelerator in Brazil. How was it? What was your feeling when you first started to help entrepreneurs grow?

-      How did you fund Treelabs?

-      After the learnings from TreeLabs, you founded Fanatee, a casual gaming startup which has today more than 150million games downloaded. How was the process of founding Fanatee?

-      Gaming is usually a different type of investment for a VC, is there a way to combine how to properly invest in gaming as a VC?

-      What is your take on metaverse?

-      What do you think will be the future for human interaction?

-      After a few years into the day today operation you left Fanatee. What made you take this decision? How did you feel giving up your role in the business and become an investor?

-      You took a leadership position in a mature healthcare family business. That must have been very enlightening and helped on what you decided to do after. What were the most important lessons that you took from those years?

-      Why do you think that things are so messed up in healthcare?

-      In 2018 you decided to return to your own path as an entrepreneur and founded NeuralMed. How was the process of founding NeuralMed? What changed from all of your previous ventures?

This was a great chat, and I'm sure you will find it extremely insightful.

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